Street Team

Please call us at 253-396-9169 to tell us a bit about yourself and we can tell you more about the Jazzbones Street Team.

The low down: The Street Team is designed as a grassroots community based promotions campaign that will cultivate the local music scene through its involvement with Jazzbones.


  • Pick up ‘flyer packets’ from Jazzbones.
  • Deliver to designated locations each Monday.  (No posting on private property)
  • Take down past show flyers and return them to Jazzbones.    
  • Have your own tape, markers and staple guns.
  • Pass out flyers to the public.
  • Register shows on all online calendars you have access to.
  • Be sure of information accuracy.
  • Word of mouth promotion.
  • As a representative of Jazzbones, you will not intentionally embarrass or defame the Club.

 Choose 10 locations in your direct area of work & residence. Make sure they will let you post the full size flyers & leave handbills for the public. Introduce yourself to the manager. Get their full name and store number. Ask if you can hang posters; leave handbills and calendars. These places will be your ‘designated locations’.  If you can hit all 10 in an hour, then one hour is what would be required of you.  It will take less time after you build relationships with storeowners & managers. The flyer run is designed to be a quick weekly drop off.

Designated Locations: Contact the Street Team Coordinator with your list of locations - email

Location Examples:

Record/Book stores
Health clubs/Restaurants
Coffee/Flower shops
Hair/Nail salons 
Clothing/Shoe stores
Retro/Antique/Thrift shops
Community posting boards

College campus/Student Union
College book stores/Art Galleries
High School event boards (All Ages only)
Church functions (If appropriate)
Church Youth functions (All Ages only)
Grocery/Video Stores







We would also like you to take flyers or handbills to work, school, church, etc. and post in the break room, on bulletin boards, etc. if appropriate and if possible. Ask permission. Give handbills to co-workers & friends.  Take some with you wherever you go.  Spread the word. Share the love. Strike up conversations with strangers and tell them about Jazzbones.  Make sure you have current calendars with you all the time. Tell people your name. Be friendly.

Street Team membership will be on a month-to-month basis.  Those that are not enthused or making their designated location drops will not be asked back.


  • Free admittance to Jazzbones concerts & Comedy events
  • $35 a week in Jazzbones bucks - that’s $140.00 a month!
  • Automatic SIN card recipient and entrance to Service Industry Night events & parties.
  • Receive 50% discount on drinks on Wednesday Nights with your SIN card.
  • Learn about the music business from an insider’s point of view and experience the nightclub industry through hands on involvement.
  • Meet National Touring Acts and Stars of the Music Industry.

Flyer Packets:

  • Handbills
  • 11 x 17 posters
  • To go menus
  • Complimentary tickets
  • Events schedules

Write your name/initials on the back of handbills/comedy tickets. Remind people to bring the flyer back with them to redeem for drink/food discounts.  The person with the most flyers returned wins a prize each month.

Contests & Prizes: Those that are 'super promoters' will be awarded prizes and other goodies. 

Be a super promoter and you could win A Night on the Town in Seattle

Limo ride, food, drink & cover
(paid for by Jazzbones - Must be 21 or older)
Gift Certificates to local stores Package Deals
to area restaurants, shops, etc.




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